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Suspected serial killer ‘Killer Cop’ Gerard John Schaefer profiled on Married with Secrets

Gerard John SchaeferGerard John Schaefer

Gerard John Schaefer became known as the ‘Killer Cop’ and may have murdered dozens of women

This week Married with Secrets spotlights ‘Killer Cop’ and suspected serial killer Gerard John Schaefer, who brought darkness and murder to the Sunshine State.

Schaefer was a Sheriff’s Deputy in Martin County, Florida, through the late 1960s and early 1970s, where he lived with his wife. He first came to attention of his superiors on July 21, 1972, when he abducted two teenage girls and took them to some woods. There he threatened to kill them or prostitute them, before being called away by an alert on his police radio. Luckily the girls managed to escaoe and went to the nearest police station, which happened to be the one Schaefer operated out of.

He tried to explain the kidnapping away as a

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