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People Magazine Investigates After Show: How Solving Keddie Murders Is ‘Personal’ for Investigators

The unsolved killings of a young mother and three teenagers 35 years ago in a small, northern California town haunt the surviving family members of the victims.

But the memory of those murders has also stayed with the community — and especially with the investigators who have re-opened the case of the 1981 attacks on Sue Sharp, her son Johnny, her daughter Tina, and family friend Dana Wingate.

The mystery of what happened in Cabin 28 in Keddie, a faded Sierra Nevada resort community, was revisited Monday in an episode of People Magazine Investigates, PEOPLE’s new true-crime series on Investigation Discovery.

In conversation with PEOPLE Senior Editor Alicia Dennis for the People Magazine Investigates After Show, staff writer Jeff Truesdell talks about how the case stands apart from others he’s reported for the magazine.

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Police are solving more crimes thanks to pizza

When AJ Soprano and his pals vandalized the pool at his prep school on “The Sopranos,” it wasn’t a snitch that brought them down — it was pizza.

Specifically a pizza with double meatballs, pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onions and extra “moozadell.” After cops confront the pizza man with the evidence and ask who had purchased the pie, he reluctantly drops a dime on AJ. The teen faces expulsion — and the wrath of his mob-boss father.

But this saucy scenario isn’t limited to fiction. In the last two years, pies have helped crack nearly a half-dozen high-profile crimes.

Pizza deliveries tipped cops off to international fugitives and preserved DNA evidence that blew open a gruesome DC-area quadruple homicide. Most recently in Illinois, a mugging of a pizza man led investigators to criminals who had just murdered a man in Georgia.

Call it a slice of justice.

“Pizza hunger trumps better judgment,” says

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