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Cold case murder of Rayna Rison spotlighted in Unusual Suspects

Rayna Rison Rayna Rison

Rayna Rison was just 16 when she was murdered

This week Unusual Suspects examines the murder of Rayna Rison, a case that took detectives 20 years to solve.

March 26, 1993, in La Porte, Ind, and 16-year-old Rayna Rison went missing and was never seen alive again. Her body was found around a month later in a shallow pond, she’d been strangled to death.

Rison was a bright student who also worked three jobs and had dreams of becoming a vet, but her life also had a darker side to it and she was the subject of abuse by several men in her life.

Police initially suspected her brother-in-law Raymond McCarty, who had impregnated her and was charged with child molestation. In 1998 he was also charged with her murder, but the charge failed to stick and

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Truck stop killer Bruce Mendenhall is spotlighted on Grave Secrets

Sara Hulbert

Sara Hulbert was sexually assaulted and then shot in the head and dumped at a truck stop

This week Grave Secrets spotlights the crimes and possible crimes committed by Bruce Mendenhall, a truck driver who murdered Sara Hulbert and is accused of several more killings.

June 25, 2007 and 25-year-old prostitute Sara Hulbert went missing after getting high with friends and taking a lift from a truck at the nearby stop. Her body was found at another Nashville truck stop, she’d been sexually assaulted and shot in the head.

Police viewed CCTV footage from the truck stop where she was last seen and in a lucky break one of the detectives recognised the truck they were interested at another stop. The driver was 56-year-old long haul trucker Mendenhall and a search of his truck turned up a shocking inventory of objects.

Bruce MendenhallRead more at: https://www.monstersandcritics.com/smallscreen/truck-stop-killer-bruce-mendenhall-is-spotlighted-on-grave-secrets/

Brutal rape and murder of Kelli Bailey spotlighted On the Case With Paula Zahn

Paul Everett murdered Kelli Bailey

Paul Everett murdered Kelli Bailey

This week On the Case With Paula Zahn, Kelli Bailey came home from nightshift to disturb a burglar who raped and murdered her.

November 2001 and 31-year-old Kelli Bailey was late home from her nightshift at the hospital where she worked so her stepfather John Greathouse went to check on her. He found Kelli lying on floor by the door to her bedroom and soon realised she was dead, he’d raised her like his own child and was understandably devastated.

The police investigation turned up a number of potential clues and fairly quickly the detective track down 22-year-old Alabama man Paul Everett. He confessed to the police and explained that he’d been in the middle of burgling Kelli’s house when she interupted her. The pair then struggled and he proceed to rape her before beating her

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Serial husband and boyfriend killer Cynthia Phillips is spotlighted in American Monster

Cynthia Phillips as played by an actress

Cynthia Phillips (seen above played by actress in recreation) had a way with men and murder

This week American Monster spotlights the dark desires and greed that led to and Cynthia Phillips to attempt to kill her husband Ron.

Colorado, 1995, Ron and Cynthia Phillips move to a remote town and try to settle themselves and their four children into this new life.

However, things take a dark turn when a man Cynthia tried to hire as a hitman turns her into the police. She wanted to kill her husband and possibly collect life insurance money. But this shocking incident was only the tip of a string of suspicious deaths and murder attempts that Cynthia had been involved in.

She was convicted convicted and sentenced to 24 years in prison for trying to kill Ron, but police continued their investigation

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Lehigh Valley murder case to be spotlighted on primetime TV

EASTON, Pa. – It was a case that sounded like a made-for-TV movie; a man kills his stepdaughter and then abuses her corpse to fulfill a fantasy.

But sadly, the Jessica Padgett case was all too real. It’s back in the spotlight on primetime TV.

Northampton County District Attorney, John Morganelli, remembers hearing about the young mother who disappeared in Allen Township, Northampton County, in 2014.

“We started off basically with a brief video of a vehicle which we thought was Mr. Graf’s vehicle,” Morganelli said. “And from that point forward other information was developed.”

The evidence led investigators to Gregory Graf.

Graf, Jessica Padgett’s stepfather, would be convicted of murdering her and then recording himself sexually abusing the corpse.

“When you have good investigation, and good investigators to get the job done, it makes our job easy, and it leads to a six minute verdict,” Morganelli said.

Morganelli believes that’s why the Investigation Discovery channel series, “See No

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