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"He scrawled ‘Jill Dando’ on my fence:" Chilling details of stalker’s behaviour revealed by TV criminal psychologist …

Of the dozens of images of battered, bloodied and tortured victims of murderers and serial killers Kerry Daynes has seen, every single face has stuck in her memory.

The forensic psychologist has studied the lies told by killers and examined evidence from their victims, analysed the violence they have meted out on men, women and children.

But when she realised she had a stalker who was watching her, commenting on what she wore, knew her address and was trawling through her pictures, Kerry began to fear that she too could become one of those images.

Her fears reached their height when after years of harassment online by a man she didn’t know, as well as letters charging her £26,000 for his ‘research’ into her life, she went outside to find her cat was inexplicably dead on the ground and ‘ Jill Dando ‘ had been scrawled on her fence.

“I can

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‘Love Connection’ – a magician, stalker, flaming hula-hoop dancer

THURSDAY NIGHT’S MUST-SEE: “Love Connection,” 9 p.m., Fox.

After lots of easy matches – bright-eyed young people, looking for love or lust — here’s a challenge: Ramona Singer is 60, famous (“Real Housewives of New York”) and coming off the angry end of a 23-year marriage. She’s also, her friend Andy Cohen says, “one of the most controlling people I know.”

Now Cohen – the show’s terrific host – hears reports from three guys she dated. One, 42, disparages her as too old and “looking like someone’s aunt”; the others are clearly smitten. The result – following an odd half-hour that includes a magician, a “stalker” and a flaming-hula-hoop dancer – is great fun.

THURSDAY NIGHT’S MUST-TRY: “Hooten The Lady” debut, 9 p.m., CW.

Hollywood has taught us the basics: English people

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Olympic gold-medalist Sheila Taormina’s stalker hell on Obsession: Dark Desires

James Conyers, who served five years for stalking Taormina

James Conyers, who served five years for stalking Taormina. Pic: Michigan Dept. of Corrections

This week’s episode of Obsession: Dark Desires on Investigation Discovery tells the story of Olympic gold-medalist Sheila Taormina and her ordeal at the hands of stalker James Conyers.

Conyers spent five years in prison for stalking the athlete, who competed at four Olympics from 1996 to 2008 and was the first woman to qualify for the games in three different sports — swimming, triathlon and modern pentathlon.

In 2002 she was contacted by apparant wannabe triathlete Conyers who said he wanted lessons so he could improve at the sport.

But things quickly descended into a horrific ordeal for Taormina as he began inundating her with late-night phone calls, packages and terrifying messages.

A warrant was issued for Conyers’ arrest six months later and the case

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