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Regional: A Northeast Texas man who went missing nearly a year ago is the focal point of an upcoming episode of …


A local man who went missing last year will be the feature of an upcoming episode of “Disappeared.”

NBC/Peacock Productions, affiliated with the Investigation Discovery channel, have produced a television episode about the case of Michael Chambers. Chambers, 70, was reportedly last seen March 10 of 2017 on a surveillance camera in the Quinlan Wal-Mart. Officials believe he disappeared from a home in the 7000 block of FM 2101.

Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said executives with NBC contacted the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office several months ago, stating they wanted to produce an episode surrounding the circumstances of the disappearance of Chambers for the television show “Disappeared.”

“Disappeared” is a true crime series and has been on the air for eight years. The focal point of the show is to highlight known missing person cases, with the hope of generating more leads for local law enforcement agencies. The

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In 1989, Someone Tried to Murder a 600-Year-Old Oak Tree in Texas

Pop quiz: In which Colorado city did Joe Kenda spend more than 20 years as a homicide detective? If you knew the answer was Colorado Springs, you must be an ID Addict. In 2008, Discovery Communications launched Investigation Discovery, the 24/7 true crime network that has had fans (Lady Gaga among them) glued to their television sets ever since.

In honor of the channel’s 10th anniversary, we did a little investigating of our own and uncovered 20 things you might not have known about Investigation Discovery.


Investigation Discovery began its life in 1996 as Discovery Civilization, a network dedicated to showcasing content related to ancient history. In 2002, The New York Times purchased a 50 percent stake in the network with an eye toward shifting its focus to current events; in 2003, it relaunched as Times Discovery. But that

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Ashley O’Connor: Texas Vacationer Found Buried In Maryland Beach Hole, ‘Things Don’t Add Up’

Ashley O’Connor fell into a hole on the beach and died of suffocation, Ocean City Police say. The Texas woman was on vacation in Maryland with family members at the time of the incident. Ashley O’Connor was last seen by her family at around 2 a.m. Law enforcement authorities don’t believe Ashley O’Connor’s death was crime-related. Those who know Ashley O’Connor say the circumstances “don’t add up.”


Thirty-year-old Ashley O’Connor, who was newly married to another woman, had just attended the wedding of a friend before heading to the beach in Maryland. When Ashley O’Connor didn’t return to her place of lodging, her parents contacted police and reported her missing. She was found at daybreak by a beachgoer, who saw the victim’s arm sticking out of the sand, People reports.


It was an eerie scene. The last moments Ashley O’Connor endured before she expired had to be terrifying. Now, investigators

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Katy, Texas Grandmother Shooting: Granny Shot At Red-Underwear-Wearing Intruder, The Other Dead


A grandmother from Katy, Texas, shot and killed at least one intruder at her house during a home invasion. CBS-19 is reporting that the woman, who is unnamed, shocked the intruders as they entered her garage through an open door. Police say the robber who got away was wearing dark clothing and red underwear. Allegedly, both intruders were armed.


The Katy, Texas shooting occurred at a home between 11:30 a.m. and noon in the Sundown Subdivision on Fort Bowie Court. The normally-quiet neighborhood with tree-lined streets and manicured lawns became a battle zone after the 60-year-old grandma used her gun to kill the man who had stolen her peace.


Texas Stand Your Ground Law allows

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How Teens’ Love Triangle Led to the Brutal Murder of a Texas High School Beauty Queen

They were three teenagers with promising lives ahead of them.

Adrienne Jones was a pretty, popular sophomore with an infectious laugh and bubbly sense of humor. She wanted to attend Texas AM University and become a behavioral analyst. David Graham was a cross-country track star who wanted to become a pilot. His girlfriend, Diane Zamora, was an honor student who had been accepted at the U.S. Naval Academy and hoped to become an astronaut.

But none of those dreams came true.

On Dec. 4, 1995, Jones — known as A.J. to her friends — was found dead in a rural Texas field. She had been hit on the head and shot twice, starting a murder investigation which will be re-examined on Monday night’s People Magazine Investigates, on Investigation Disc

Nearly eight months later, Graham and Zamora were arrested for Jones’ brutal murder. Their motive,

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Missy Grubaugh, Luis Arroyo: ‘Betrayed’ On ID Covers Arlington, Texas, Murder Of College-Coed Found Dead In 1994 …

Missy Grubaugh was a 19-year-old student from Arlington, Texas, who was murdered by her neighbor, Luis Arroyo, 22 years ago. This week, her case will be highlighted on ID’s TV crime series Betrayed. Her devastating story will be told by family members and police officials who investigated the case.

The Investigation Discovery episode featuring Missy Elaine Grubaugh’s story is “The Devil You Know.” In that episode, police arrive at a Texas apartment complex and are met by a blazing fire that has destroyed several apartments in its path. Once they begin sifting through the ashes, they find the body of a college coed who they realize was murdered before the fire was set.

Naked Body Found In Arlington Apartment Fire

According to

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Documentary examines gun laws in wake of Texas mass shooting

WASHINGTON — Fifty years ago this month, Charles Whitman shot 49 people, killing 16 on the University of Texas at Austin campus. The rampage, which went on for about 96 minutes, was the deadliest university shooting until Virginia Tech in 2007, where a college senior killed 32 people. Now a new documentary is revisiting legislation that was shaped in its wake.

On Aug. 1, 2016, the state of Texas implemented a so-called campus carry law, which allows for concealed weapons to be allowed nearly everywhere on public universities in the state, provided the carriers have a permit.

Investigation Discovery did a special titled “Guns on Campus: Tamron Hall Investigates,” which explores the new challenges the law creates in Texas, as well as discusses the story of Colin Goddard, a survivor of the Virginia Tech

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Genene Jones: Texas Serial Killer Nurse Is ‘American Monster’ In ID’s New TV Crime Series

Genene Jones, the Texas serial-killing nurse who poisoned over 40 babies during her career, will make the premiere episode of American Monster on ID. American Monster is an intriguing new television crime series that will show the most notorious killers through home video footage for the first time. Investigation Discovery’s American Monster will lay out the story through recreations of the actual crimes and through interviews with friends, family, and police detectives. Viewers will get to see America’s coldest killers through ID’s traditional style of storytelling, infused with home movies that will show these hardened criminals in a different light as they live their normal lives.

Each one-hour episode of American Monster will document a new true story. In the premiere episode titled, “Home Video Hit,” a pediatric nurse in Texas enjoys her career and life with her husband, but after dozens of babies die in her care, she is

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Investigation Discovery’s ‘Facing Evil’ series features Texas drag queen convicted of murder


Brandi West, left, and Cliff Youens with Patrice LeBlanc, right.

Anybody out there remember Brandi West? Back in the 1980s, she was a well-known and popular drag queen here in Texas. She lived, I think, in Houston, or near Houston.

Anyway, Brandi West’s real name was John Clifford “Cliff” Youens who in 1986, at the age of 32, shared a home with a young woman named Patrice LeBlanc from Louisiana. She was 20. Then in March of 1986, Partice’s body was found, wrapped in a comforter and chained to a pair of cinder blocks, in Lake Livingston in San Jacinto County, according to UPI reports at the time. She had been stabbed 39 times.

And Brandi/Cliff was on the run. Until June, when he was arrested in his mother’s home in Houston after running from Houston

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