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Local artist found peace and happiness through imagination

BRISTOL, Tenn. — Surviving the struggle of not fitting in, being bullied, made fun of and feeling like she had no place, Kacy Tiller finally discovered that it’s good to be different.

Tiller, 27, says she was overweight through middle school and high school. She remembers being teased and called a ‘freak’ and ‘fatty.’ To compound the insults, students threw things at her and even bribed boys to set up dates with her, only to not show up.

“Kids were cruel,” Tiller recalled. “I was afraid to walk around at school and wanted them to just leave me alone. I retreated inside myself and found peace in my imagination.”

Ultimately, the arts became the key to unleashing her imagination and creating a world where she fit. Though Tiller “unofficially” started acting in elementary school and middle school, it wasn’t until high school that she really found her role. Friends convinced her to try

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Baton Rouge’s most infamous true crime cases through the decades

From Making a Murderer episodes on Netflix to creepy podcasts on our phones, true crime has gripped us. When you’re reading about Bundy or Dahmer or Holmes, it’s easy to feel that the crimes are distant and removed from reality.

But behind every story is a city and its residents who were rocked by the case. Baton Rouge is no different: Comb through articles, documentaries and news reports, and you’ll find the lives forever affected by historic crimes right here at home.



In the construction of the Louisiana State Capitol, then-Governor Huey Long was adamant that it should be filled with marble. Italian Levanto marble in the Memorial Hall, jade-colored marble from Vermont, floors made of Mount Vesuvius lava.

Ultimately, one of those slabs would be the place the bullet landed when he was shot on the evening of Sept.

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Review: ’19’ at Through The 4th Wall


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