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Raffle to raise money for suicide awareness – News – Houma Today …

In 2009, Houma resident Titus P. Savoie Jr. said he decided to end his life. 

“I saw in the distance a big butane truck coming down the road at a fast speed and decided right then and there I was going to end everyone’s hurts by simply making that one leap of fate,” Savoie said. “As the truck got closer, I positioned myself to jump out in front of it. As it approached, just as I was about to leap, I changed my mind. I remember getting so mad at myself for backing out and was mad for even thinking about doing something so dumb.” 

Ravaged by conflicting emotions, Savoie said he fell to his knees and screamed in a mixture of anger and relief, comforted only by the internal voices of his mother and friend telling him not to go through with

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Today in History – July 26

Today in History for July 26:

On this date:

In 1603, James VI of Scotland was crowned King James I of England. He then authorized an English translation of the Scriptures, first published in 1611 and known since as the King James Version of the Bible.

In 1758, Louisbourg, the great French citadel on Cape Breton Island, surrendered to the British. The fortress capitulated after an eight-week siege by a British force of 27,000 men and 157 ships. With the surrender, the French were driven from the Maritimes.

In 1788, New York became the 11th state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

In 1805, an earthquake in Naples resulted in 6,000 deaths.

In 1847, the Republic of Liberia was proclaimed. The country had been established in 1822 through the efforts of several American philanthropic societies which wanted to establish freed American slaves in a colony on the West African coast.

In 1852, the first Toronto Stock Exchange was

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Investigation Discovery to Premiere New Series MARRIED WITH SECRETS, Today

Investigation Discovery to Premiere New Series MARRIED WITH SECRETS, Today

Investigation Discovery’s new series MARRIED WITH SECRETS profiles the dark and twisted psychological warfare of marriages, rivaling fictional blockbusters like Girl on a Train and Gone Girl. This new series dramatizes the surprising stories of seemingly perfect marriages that turned out to be modern day nightmares, when husbands and wives embark on secret lives that take them down devastating paths. A new eight-part series, MARRIED WITH SECRETS premieres Tuesday, October 25 at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery (ID).

From secret sadomasochistic sex games to hitmen for hire, there’s no vow too sacred to break and no place too twisted to go for these spouses. And once their skeletons come out of the closet… no one is safe. In the premiere episode of MARRIED WITH SECRETS, Eliette Dominique’s husband is in a hit-and-run accident. At the

Read more at: http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwtv/article/Investigation-Discovery-to-Premiere-New-Series-MARRIED-WITH-SECRETS-1025-20161024