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Cece Dove, Andrey Bridges: ‘Swamp Murders’—Missing Transgender Fatal Attraction Story Airs, Did Ohio Man Think …

Cece Dove, a transgender female murdered by Andrey Bridges in Ohio, will have her fatal attraction story featured on Swamp Murders on ID. CeCe Dove, who also went by the name Cemia Dove but named Carl Acoff Jr., at birth, died in an Olmsted Township apartment after going to meet with a man who allegedly believed Cece Dove was a real or biologically-born female. Swamp Murders focuses on missing person cases whose victims are later found dead in bodies of water. In the case of Cece ‘Cemia’ Dove, her body was found in 2013 in a pond or small lake.


Swamp Murders episode “Double Crossed” on Investigation Discovery

When the body of a 20-year-old male is found in a pond, police later connect the murder to a missing person case in Cleveland. After launching an investigation into the man’s secret life, they discover he lived his life as a woman. Did the

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2008 murder of transgender Greeley woman Angie Zapata brought back into national spotlight

A Colorado man is currently serving a life sentence in prison after being found guilty of killing 18-year-old Greeley resident Angie Zapata, who was born Justin Zapata.

The case, which resolved in 2009 when a jury found 31-year-old Allen Ray Andrade guilty, is receiving a new dose of national attention from the network Investigation Discovery, which plans to run a feature on the 911 calls placed immediately after Zapata’s sisters found her bloodied, battered body in her apartment.

For those unfamiliar with the murder, here is background on the case:

On July 17, 2008, Zapata was found dead in her Greeley apartment. An autopsy determined the cause of death was blunt-force trauma.

Thirteen days later, Andrade was arrested in Thornton in connection with Zapata’s death.

Investigators learned Zapata met Andrade on the Internet and brought him to her home in Greeley. After learning that Zapata was a transgender woman, an enraged Andrade struck Zapata repeatedly with his

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Discovery Life’s First Original Series Follows Group of Transgender Friends (Exclusive)

Discovery Life Channel has greenlit its first original series, “Those Girls.”

The newly rebranded network’s upcoming docu-series will profile a group of transgender friends who live in Kansas City. It’s set to debut in March 2015 on the newly rebranded network.

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“Those Girls” offers an in-depth look at four pairs of transgender couples and friends, the show is being billed as the first TV series to ever profile a transgender community this closely. Those being featured included best friends Kassidy and Chloe, who are navigating the challenges of transitioning together; Tanya and Jaime, a couple who have moved back into Jaime’s parents’ house while handling child-related issues with Tanya’s ex-wife; Macy and Sharon, a married couple facing new hurdles since Macy’s recent transition; and Robyn and Andrew, best friends who became romantically involved after one of them transitioned.

“‘Those Girls’ embodies

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