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Serial Killer Edward Edwards’ Daughter on Turning Him In … – People

One day in 1980, when April Balascio was 11 years old, her father, Edward Wayne Edwards, woke up the household and told his wife and kids to start packing. They were leaving Watertown, Wisconsin, where they’d lived for about a year — and they were leaving immediately.

The scenario wasn’t unfamiliar: The Edwards family was nomadic, roaming from town to town every six months to a year, at their father’s whim, and often without warning.

“He’d tell us that we had to move in secret because he was protecting us, because there were people who wanted to hurt him or us,” Balascio, now 48, tells PEOPLE.

It would be decades before Balascio, beginning with her own online investigation in March 2009, discovered it was her father who was actually running from the law — that the man who walked her down the aisle had also murdered at least five people.

Thanks in part to

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Conde Nast’s Dawn Ostroff on Turning Magazine Articles Into Movies and New TV Plans

The media company’s entertainment president (and former CW chief) opens up about developing a GQ feature into ‘Only the Brave,’ hitting theaters Friday, and the promise of digital video.


In 2011, Dawn Ostroff, who had been president of The CW, entered what she calls “a slightly dysfunctional universe” when publisher Conde Nast tasked her with exploiting its 19 magazine brands — including Vogue, The New Yorker and Vanity Fair, and a trove of 100,000 articles dating back decades — across film, TV and digital under the banner of Conde Nast Entertainment. “We couldn’t utilize a lot of the existing infrastructure because the print side was so different,” she says.

While Ostroff’s background is in TV, six years later, CNE has found more traction in digital video and film. It has 35 movies in development with such A-listers as Alexander Payne (The Judge’s Will) and Frank Marshall (The Longest Night). And

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