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Shari Smith, Larry Gene Bell: Twisted Serial Killer Abducted Teen At Mailbox, Then Killed Her On ID’s ‘I, Witness’

What happened to Shari Smith over three decades ago is every parent’s worst nightmare. Her harrowing story of abduction and murder will play out on Investigation Discovery‘s new show I, Witness. The I, Witness episode documenting Shari Smiths murder case is called “The Smith Sisters.” Shari’s sister, Dawn Smith, will give riveting details about what her family went through when her 17-year-old sister was abducted from the mailbox as her father worked in his home office in Lexington County, South Carolina. For days, the Smith family was taunted through phone calls by serial killer Larry Gene Bell. Shari Smith is also known as Shari Faye Smith or Sheri Faye Smith.

On Investigation Discovery’s I, Witness, viewers will learn that in 1985, Shari Smith was a typical teenage girl who attended Lexington High School. It was there that Shari became well-known for her beautiful voice and happy spirit. The accomplished

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A Killer’s Twisted Promise: ‘If I Said I’m Going to Come Kill You, I Was Going to Kill You’

Brian Radel placed loyalty and his bond above all else.

As he explains  in Monday night’s episode of People Magazine Investigates, on Investigation Discovery, he didn’t kill Lauri Waterman in 2004, in a small Alaska town, because he wanted to kill her.

Radel killed Waterman because a trusted mutual friend asked him to do it.

“If I said I’m going to come kill you, I was going to kill you,” Brian says in Monday’s episode. “I never broke my word.”

He adds: “Whatever I said I was going to do, everybody who knew me knew that I would follow through with it whether I liked it or not.”

Waterman, 48, was killed after Radel kidnapped her from the family’s home in the tight-knit island town of Craig, Alaska, while her daughter, Rachelle, and husband were away.

He planned to stage a drunk-driving

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