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Cold case murder of Rayna Rison spotlighted in Unusual Suspects

Rayna Rison Rayna Rison

Rayna Rison was just 16 when she was murdered

This week Unusual Suspects examines the murder of Rayna Rison, a case that took detectives 20 years to solve.

March 26, 1993, in La Porte, Ind, and 16-year-old Rayna Rison went missing and was never seen alive again. Her body was found around a month later in a shallow pond, she’d been strangled to death.

Rison was a bright student who also worked three jobs and had dreams of becoming a vet, but her life also had a darker side to it and she was the subject of abuse by several men in her life.

Police initially suspected her brother-in-law Raymond McCarty, who had impregnated her and was charged with child molestation. In 1998 he was also charged with her murder, but the charge failed to stick and

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Lori Hayes, Dale Lash: ‘Unusual Suspects’ Premieres With Baby Left In Hot Car, Springfield Cornfield Murder Case

Lori Kotzbauer Hayes was murdered by Dale Lash almost twenty years ago in the cornfield of Springfield, Illinois. Unusual Suspects: Deadly Intent begins their 9th season premiere episode with her case. The Investigation Discovery crime show focuses on how detectives find the killer. Lori Hayes, 25, was abducted from a shopping center. Her infant was abandoned in the backseat of her car. First-person accounts will help tell the tragic story. Dale Lash is currently serving life in prison with no chance of parole.


Unusual Suspects: Deadly Intent episode “Field of Nightmares”

A young mother vanishes from a shopping center, leaving her crying baby in a hot car. As the mystery of her disappearance deepens, a killer’s trail leads police to the cornfield on the edge of town.


The Lori Hayes Murder Case

Lori Kotzbauer Hayes (Lori Hayes) was last seen on August 1, 1999. The missing mother was shopping at Shoe Carnival

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Unusual Suspects, Killer Confessions, Hollywood & Crime: Discovery Cancels Five Shows

Discovery Channel TV shows, logo

As we reported earlier, Discovery is being sued by production company LMNO over alleged criminal conspiracy. As a result, the network has terminated several shows, including Unusual Suspects, Killer Confessions, Hollywood Crime, The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead, and the TLC series 7 Little Johnstons, reports Deadline. 

Discovery has also put out a termination notice for the popular TLC series The Little Couple.

Though the Investigation Discovery and TLC series are over for now, ID insists the first season of The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead will still premiere on July 18th as scheduled.

What do you think? Do you watch any of these Discovery series? Are you sad they may be over for good?

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Sasha Merman, Daniel Becerril: ‘Unusual Suspects’ Airs ‘Final Lesson’ Of Art Teacher, Found Dead In Santa Monica …

Sasha Merman, aka Alexander Merman, was a teacher and artist who was found dead in his Santa Monica, California, condo eight years ago. It took detectives four years to solve his murder. The killer was identified as his former friend and financial advisor Daniel Becerril, according to LA Times.The Merman-Becerril story will be on tonight’s Unusual Suspects on Investigation Discovery (ID). The episode, entitled “Final Lesson,” will recount how a savvy artist and teacher was duped by a con-man who stole money from him and ultimately killed him in his expensive condo. On the show tonight, you’ll most likely hear from people who knew Sasha Merman personally, as well as police officers who worked the case for years.

Sasha Merman was a great guy who had many friends. A well-respected artist and teacher, Sasha loved nothing more than art. He also liked helping people. Police say it was his

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Stephanie Hummer, Jonathan Gravely: ID’s ‘Unusual Suspects’ Traces Murder Of Ohio Coed And Former Track Star …

Stephanie Hummer, the missing Ohio State college coed who was later found dead in a field, will have her dramatic life and death profiled on Investigation Discovery’s hit TV series, Unusual Suspects. The episode that will reenact Stephanie Hummer’s case is called “End Of The Line,” which will chronicle how a vibrant college student disappeared after a Sunday afternoon walk, and the police hunt that took over a decade to find her killer. Expect the usual commentators to provide their perspectives, such as law enforcement and people close to the victim. Her killer, Jonathan Gravely, is serving time in an Ohio correctional facility.

Stephanie Hummer, 18, vanished from a back alley near her N. High Street and 13th Avenue dorm in 1994. She was last seen by some friends who said that she left the group to visit a friend in an apartment near the campus. The honors student was

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