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What to Watch on Saturday: Vanessa Hudgens wrangles a rattlesnake with Bear Grylls

Running Wild with Bear Grylls (10 p.m., NBC) – Bear and Vanessa Hudgens rappel from a helicopter into the high Sierra. They also evade a boulder avalanche, summit a massive dormant volcano and encounter a rattlesnake.

Also on tonight . . .

Halt and Catch Fire (9 p.m., AMC) – Joe confesses to Gordon while Cameron faces past mistakes.

Oprah’s Master Class (10 p.m., OWN) – Oprah talks to Shaquille O’Neal about this journey to becoming an NBA Hall-of-Famer and four-time champion.

Rescue Dog to Super Dog (10 p.m., Animal Planet) – Nate rescues a Havanese for Diana, who lost part of her leg in a rock climbing accident.

Swamp Murders (10 p.m., Investigation Discovery) – A 32-year-old’s body is pulled from the shore of Lake Michigan.

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Time Inc. Debuts Video Series For Facebook’s Watch Platform

  • by Sara Guaglione

    6 hours ago

Time Inc. has launched its first video series for Watch, Facebook’s new platform for shows and videos, called “Homemade
vs. The Internet

The show, produced by Time Inc. Productions, challenges award-winning chef Robin

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Time Inc. launches new video series ‘Homemade vs. The Internet’ for Facebook’s Watch

NEW YORK, NY — September 8, 2017 — Time Inc. today announced that it launched a new video series for Watch, Facebook’s new platform for shows and videos. “Homemade vs. The Internet” is now available on the new Watch surface on Facebook and on mobile, desktop and Facebook’s TV apps. The first season of “Homemade vs. The Internet” will run for five episodes, with a new episode airing each Sunday.

“Homemade vs. The Internet” is produced by Time Inc. Productions and highlights Time Inc.’s commitment to providing premium and engaging video content to consumers on all platforms. The new series is a cooking reality show that challenges an award-winning chef to compete against a millennial food writer to create the better-tasting (and better-looking) dish after watching a brief viral food video. It follows Time Inc.’s debut

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Watch This: 14 Movies and TV Shows to Put on Your Radar This Week

Here’s a fun experiment: Turn on your television and try to count the amount of movies and TV shows playing right now. Now multiply that by seven. That’s how many things are available to watch during any given week—which makes actually choosing something overwhelming AF.

That’s where we come in. Welcome back to “Watch This,” Glamour.com’s new column that gives you the scoop on the best movies and TV shows to watch week to week. So much good stuff is airing over the next few days—from the premiere of American Horror Story: Cult to the return of Bravo’s addicting

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New Drew Peterson Special Is a Must-Watch for True Crime Fans

Here’s some for true crime fans to sink their teeth into. Investigation Discovery is airing a two-part special called Drew Peterson: An American Murder Mystery. The highly publicized case revolved around the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, and her husband Drew’s lack of interest in finding her.

The 23-year-old mother of two went missing on October 28, 2007. And her husband quickly became a suspect. This wasn’t the first time the police sergeant has been suspected of foul play. His third wife, Kathleen Savio, was found dead in a dry bathtub three years prior to his fourth wife’s disappearance.

PHOTOS: Here’s The Who’s Who In Drew Peterson’s Horrific Wife Killer Case

The fascination with true crimes is more popular than ever in recent years. And there’s no case more enthralling than this one. The ID two-hour special features brand new exclusive interviews from Stacy’s sister, Cassandra Cales, and her aunt, Candace Aikin, among other

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What to Watch on Monday: Who will Rachel pick in the live ‘Bachelorette’ finale?

The Bachelorette (8 p.m., ABC) – Rachel Lindsey chooses between Bryan, Eric and Peter in the live, 3-hour finale.

Stitchers (9 p.m., Freeform) – A professional volleyball player’s murder prompts the Stitchers team to search the darkest corners of the internet.

Gone (9 p.m., Investigation Discovery) – This week’s true crime involves a woman and her infant son who disappeared 30 years ago on the small island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Midnight, Texas (10 p.m., NBC) – Vampires arrive in Midnight looking for Lem, but Manfred has a feeling there is another reason for their visit.

Loaded (10 p.m., AMC) – Watto is excited when his errant mother returns.

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WATCH TONIGHT: Target manager’s murder profiled on TV crime series

The murder of the Target store manager will be profiled tonight in a new TV series “Murder Calls” on Investigation Discovery. In the episode, viewers will hear the chilling 911 calls Williams made inside her closet before she was killed in November 2013 by accused gunmen Jonathan Banks, James Calhoun and James Sims. The trio received life sentences in December. 

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Watch clip from new documentary detailing sicko Graham Dwyer’s murder of Elaine O’Hara

Graphic details of the murder of tragic Elaine O’Hara at the hands of sadistic killer Graham Dwyer have been reconstructed for a major US television crime network.

The harrowing case, which shocked the country during Dwyer’s murder trial in 2015, are outlined in a hard-hitting episode of Married with Secrets on the Investigation Discovery (ID) channel on American TV.

The network bases its docu-dramas on true events with the aim of unravelling “the truth behind real-life mysteries”.

Viewer discretion is advised at the outset of the 40-minute episode, entitled ‘Yes, Master’, which chronicles the toxic ‘master-slave’ relationship between the married architect and his vulnerable victim prior to the murder.

Central characters including Dwyer, 42, and his wife Ms O’Hara, 36, a previous partner of the killer and key investigating gardaí are played by a cast of mainly American actors.

Graham Dwyer denies murdering Elaine O’Hara in August 2012

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Meet ‘Killing Fields’ star at Hub City End of Watch ride





More than 300 participants showed up Saturday for the Deen/Tate Memorial Motorcycle Ride, which benefited the Benjamin J. Deen Liquori Tate Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Haskel Burns/Hattiesburg American

The third annual End of Watch memorial motorcycle ride to honor slain Hattiesburg police officers Benjamin J. Deen and Liquori Tate this year will feature a visit from “Killing Fields” star retired Detective Rodie

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